How it works


Fill out your detailed fashion request

Start by creating a fashion request to help designers understand what you’re looking for. If you’ve filled out your style profile, your request will only take a few minutes.

Anything fashion!

A whole capsule closet, shirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, you name it! Attach images you’re inspired by, draw your own sketches. The sky’s the limit.

Since each project is different, timeline will be determined between you and your designer. But please be kind and give your designer a decent amount of lead time to complete your project.

This is also an agreement between you and your designer. Each designer will have their own rates.


Browse your inbox for designer bids to your request

Designers will have a week to respond to your request. The more detailed your request, the easier it will be for designers to respond. Check your mail for a daily summary of bids.

When a designer bids, they will bid with either a sketch, mood, board, inspiration or anything they feel will resonate with you and your request. The bid will include what they plan to do for you and the price they will charge for it.

At any point in time within that week, you can select a designer you like, you can ask questions, you can ask a designer to make updates to their bid, or anything that will make selecting a bid easier for you.

Once you select a designer, a project will be created where you will meet via video call with your designer to make sure your project requirements are clear.


Select the designer you want to work with

Once you’ve selected your designer and made your payment (to be released to designer at the end of the project), the designer will start work. The project plan will show you where you are in the design process.

Yes! And that is something you should make sure to discuss with your designer.

Absolutely! Just come back on here and submit a request directly to your designer. Or if you prefer, you can work with a a new designer.