Hi, I’m Efua Mensah-Brown, and I’m the founder of Thread Life, and we’re based in New York City.

I graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business after spending several years as a management consultant. My corporate job, which took me all over the country, didn’t stop me from looking cute! I loved fashion (and still do).

If you had asked me five years ago if I cared about sustainability, I would have said of course I did! If you told me I looked cute in one outfit, I’d buy it in multiple colors without ever consider the effect my choices had on the environment or the people making my clothes. All I saw was the style, and the low price, and that was enough for me. 

Once I learned about the negative impact of my actions, I realized I needed to change. But I found it difficult and it still is today. We live in a world with the most technologically advanced systems, yet when it comes to shopping in a way that stewards people and the environment, we’re still behind.

We want to change this. Innocent women and children are suffering, and the oceans are being poisoned with dyes and microfibers, all in the name of fashion. It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s what why we’re here: To make shopping for sustainable fashion so easy it becomes a fact of life.

Can you relate? We created Thread Life under the belief that if we make shopping for sustainable fashion easier, you will do it more often. Is this you? Do you agree? Well, we want to take that burden off you. We want to be your free, sustainable fashion stylist. We’ll find you guilt-free fashion that makes you look and feel great. We’ll do it, so you don’t have to.


  1. Fill out a fashion request.
  2. Get your report with sustainable fashion options.
  3. Give your feedback by writing a review.

Our goal is to help people find guilt-free fashion they love. Let us know what you want and put in your request.