I pledge on my honor, and to the greatest of my ability, to keep my wasteful footprint in all work I do on Thread Life to its absolute minimum.

All designers must agree to work in this way to become a designer on Thread Life.

Fashion is an exceptionally wasteful industry. Thread Life exists to help redefine fashion by tackling this major problem.

Waste is a consequence of mass and overproduction. Brands (especially fast-fashion brands) will mass produce their collections and sell them cheaply in hopes to get rid of as much of it as possible. What happens with the significant amounts they don’t sell? Sometimes it’s burned, other times it’s sent to clog our landfills. None of these are good for the environment. As a consumer, you’re more than likely not going to feel terrible for throwing a cheap piece of clothing away, further contributing to waste.

Additionally, mass production is not just bad for the enviornment, it’s also horrible for people. Brands who mass produce and sell cheaply, depend on the labor of people living in low-wage countries. Unfortunately, in order for clothing to be sold cheaply to us, many of these people are taken advantage of and not paid fairly.

Custom fashion is better fashion. Clothing is made specifically for you. Because it fits you perfectly, you’ll look great. Because it was designed for you, you won’t look like everybody else. You’re also less likely to throw it away because why would you throw away something made just for you? Addtionally, custom fashion is not mass or overproduced making it much friendlier to our landfills and the planet.