We’ve tried to make the request submission process as easy as possible.

The key here is to be as clear as possible when you submit your request. If you want to draw a sketch to help out your designer or you want to attach a picture that better describes your inspiration, go ahead and do that. As you can imagine, when designers respond to your request (via bids) the clearer your request, the easier it will be for designers to bid and the better the bids you’ll receive.

Your Style profile

However one of the most important aspects of creating requests, is your style profile. If you fill it out once, then you don’t have to worry about it when you make a request. Plus, you make your designer’s life much easier!

Your gallery

Having a gallery will be helpful for your designer. This way he/she will get an idea for your personality and taste. When you fill out your fashion request, add in the link to your gallery.

When you get to the point when youve decided on a designer to work with, you and your designer will schedule a video call to further clarify what you’re looking.

Filling out the form

Most fields are self explanatory. But let’s go over the following fields:

What service do you need:

  • Capsule closet: Instead of spending time shopping for pieces for a capsule closet, maybe you can have one designed and created for you.
  • Custom: Maybe you’re looking to have anything custom made. Eg a suit, a dress, a shirt, a prom dress, or evening gown, you name it.
  • Conversion: Perhaps you have an outfit you like, but you want to revamp you closet a bit and convert it into something else.
  • Hemming: You could need a simple hemming service
  • Style advice: Maybe all you want is a little stle advice. Put in a request.
  • Other: This could be anything you want made that’s not listed above.

Your request title summary

Give you request a nice title. This will be your project name

What are you looking for?

This is where you give us all the details about what you’re looking for.

Now you’re ready! Go for it!

Make your request