When you’re approved for a designer account, you will be guided through your store settings.

What’s important here is that the information you enter here is public. We highly recommend that you DO NOT enter in any personal information like your home address or personal email or phone number. Let’s get going!


Enter in your desinger details, your store logo, store banner, and store description.This is a great place to talk about you and your experience as a fashion designer.


No need to add your street address. But go ahead and add your city, state, country.


This is where you select how you’ll be paid. You can read more here.


You can enter general shipping information here. When creating a product, feel free to set new shipping information there.


This is necessary for when you want to promote your store on Facebook or Twitter. Load the images you want associated with the links as well the the descriptions.

Store Policies

This is where customers will see the Thread Life store policies which will be pre-filled.

Customer Support

Please ignore this tab since the information is redundant. Customers can reach you through the projects and messaging facility.