We encourage our customers to communicate and resolve disputes using the Support Ticket system.

Requests to cancel an order after completion will be assessed by our Customer Support team, based on:

  • Violations to our Terms of Service.
  • General misconduct, such as harassment, unlawful behavior, etc.
  • Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the designer if the service was rendered as described in their bid and/or in discussions with the customer. You may rate your experience with the designer on the product page, including the overall level of service quality received.
Thread Life Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:
  • Active Orders (Once you’ve selected your designer)
    • Users are abusive towards each other, which includes threats of low ratings or using personal information against each other.
    • Customers supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials within the order.
    • User is no longer an active user on Thread Life due to Terms of Service violations or account closure.
  • Delivered Orders (Orders marked for shipment)
    • The designer didn’t deliver any files or proof of work, which was agreed upon in the project plan.
      Note: Subjectivity of the materials in question will be reviewed by our Customer Support team.
    • The seller requests additional payments, on or off the Thread Life platform, by withholding the final delivery of custom fashion directly related to the agreed requirements.
    • The designer is withholding the final delivery for improved ratings.
    • If you threaten to leave a bad rating to gain more services from the designer, not related to the agreed requirements.
  • Completed Orders (after the order is marked as complete and before the 14-day limitation)
    • Users who have been reported to use copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification and with proof.
    • Thread Life Customer Support will review cases of Order delivery manipulation that prevents Customers and Designers from fully utilizing our Support System that enabled the order to be marked as complete.