When you pick a designer to work with, schedule time on their calendar for a video chat so they can get to know you and have a much clearer understanding of what you need made. You can also send the designer a message and decide on when you both want to meet to chat.

You will find the link to the designer’s calendar in the award email you’ll receive when you select your designer. If you can’t find the email, you can find all your designer’s details in their profile. See image below. Contact us if you have any trouble locating this info.


Your Thread Life calendar is powered by Setmore.

When a project starts, customers will schedule time on your calendar to have a conversation with you about what they want to be designed. Please make sure your calendar availability is accurate.

When you’re approved as a designer, we create a Setmore account for you. You’ll receive a notification in your email.

We add the link to your calendar onto your profile. Contact us if you have any trouble locating this info.

Calendar link