Once you purchase a product and have signed the Design Transfer Agreement, your project starts.

After payment, you will be invited to join a group named after your request. The group will consist of you and your designer. Please accept the invitation to the group.

Inside the group, there’ll be a project plan and place to submit any documents you two will need. As the project progresses you can add updates to each task that’s assigned to you.


Once a customer purchases a product from you, you’ll be invited to a group with the name of the request which Thread Life will create. The group will include a project and tasks for you both to work in.

Projects help both you and the customer know what’s going on in the project. It helps to facilitate communication between the two of you. In the Thread Life Designers group, we have created a Project template which you are more than welcome to use to to help create or edit your own project plans.

As a designer you will:

  1. Edit tasks as per discussion with customer
  2. Start work

Edit tasks as per discussion with customer

Once you accept memebership to the project group, you will find a project created for you. Within the group you can access your project as well as submit documents you will need for the project.  Seen in screenshot above.

Once you click on the project link you’ll see your project dashboard.

Click on Task(s) remaining to see a list of tasks. Feel free to Create a New Task or edit them.

To edit a task, click on the task link and then click Edit. To save your changes, make sure to click Update Task.

Once you’re done making changes, let the work begin!