As a designer, the Designer Dashboard is your go-to for creating products (how your customer will pay for the services you’re providing). The designer dashboard will also be your home to see how much you’ve made and how much you’re owed. It is also where you can withdraw your earnings into your bank account. Rememeber to set up your payment information before you can withdraw into your account.

Designer dashboard

Home: Gives you an overview of your account

Media: The list of the media you’ve uploaded to your account either for products or for your gallery.

Products: The different products you’re created.

Orders: The orders you’ve received.

Payments: A list of all your financial transactions.

Coupons: A list of all the coupons you’ve created.

Customers: A list of the customers who’ve purchased your service.

Reports: A snapshot of the finances associated with your account.

Settings: Where you go to set up your designer dashboard.

Ledger book: A snapshot of the movement of funds in and out of your account.