When you create a request, it will be sent to designers who will have a week to bid. Each request will have a countdown clock linked to it. You can select the designer you want to work with before the week ends.

Bids will come in as products. To view your bids, view the list of products filtered by tag. You will use a link similar to this:[ADD REQUEST ID]/

Replace the [ADD REQUEST ID] with the request ID you’re bidding on.


After a week, designers will not be able to submit requests unless you’d like to reopen the request. In that case, either resubmit the request which will generate a new request ID or send up an email and we’ll make sure to keep the request open.


Bidding on requests is easy. Always rememeber to put your best foot forward because this is what customers use to make their decision. To bid, remember the request ID and use this bid form.

Most of the work comes before you bid. Before you bid, make sure you have the following ready.

  1. Your sketch or mood board (in response to the bid)
  2. A product – This is what the customer will purchase before work begins
  3. Your fabric search price (if the customer doesn’t have fabric and want’s you to search for it for them)

The sketch

This is what you envision making for your customer. Use the customer’s style profile and any galleries they’ve linked to the request to get an idea of what the customer likes and doesn’t.

The product

Once you have the sketch, you can create a product.

To create a product click ont he products tab and then click ‘Add New’.

Make sure to include your price, attach your sketch along with any other useful and relevant images, select the category and add a short descption to personalize your pitch. Also make sure to tag your product with the request ID. The select the Designer contact info with all required fields. One of the fields will be the fabric search price field.

Fabric search price

In order to add the link, create another product that represents the price you’ll charge when customers want you to search for fabric.